The same family has farmed Tanyfynwent for several generations. It is an historical site since parish church of Llanllibio was situated here at one time. It can still be clearly observed today hence, the name. Tanyfynwent which loosely translated means ‘beside (‘or beneath’) the cemetery.

Llibio was one of the many Celtic saints who established themselves in Anglesey and this little known church was consecrated to him. It is understood that the church fell into rains in 1784 and no service was held there after 1684. Today, the foundation of the boundary wall can be clearly seen and a memorial stone was erected in 1849 to commemorate the church.

A stone’s throw from both the house and the church is the old water-mill which has been mentioned a century or two before the church. It continued to work up to 1820. The list of all the millers and various other interesting historical facts about the mill can be seen in the old registry books of Baron Hill Estate, Beaumaris. Today only a few foundation stones of the old mill remains but the old clapper bridge over the stream is intact and in a very good condition. It has been listed as a artefact of historical interest.

Nearby, in a very good condition, is the building which was used to dry the grain. On 12 May 1786 a lease was put on the building to be used as a Tithe Barn and it is still, to this day, known as ‘Ysgubor Ddegwm’ which is Welsh for tithe barn.

Tanyfynwent is an ideal place to relax in the midst of the stillness of Anglesey’s countryside. It is full of character providing taste of the past with today’s amenities.